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When you sleep, muscles in and around your mouth relax causing the soft palate to block your airway partially, causing vibrations as you breathe. This results in the sounds we’ve come to know as snoring. This adjustable strap is designed to hold the jaw in place, helping to keep the mouth closed and airway unobstructed. Product Features: Adjustable velcro straps. Comfort ear loops. Soft chin support. Full instructions included. New Material Only Reg. No. 06t-1446408 Content Polyurethanefoam How to use: Position the mouth strap around your head with the mesh lining facing your chin and the strap slightly below your lower lip. Adjust the strap so that your lower jaw is supported but not so tight that it is uncomfortable to wear. Care & Cleaning: Hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Store in a cool, dry area.