MATURE SHARK 18oz Ceramic Trav Tmblr DW

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Large, Stoneware/ceramic travel mug with a slide-open lid, that holds 18oz of your favorite beverage. Made in USA ***MATURE - shark travel mug - funny gift - I hate Mondays - large travel mug - ceramic travel mug - F' ing shark.This item features the "F" word in all its gloriousness. "Do Sharks complain about Monday? NO. They're up early biting stuff, chasing sh*t, being scary, reminding everyone they're a f***ing shark. "Grab life by the fin with this travel mug that reminds you to stop your whining and dominate the tank. Stoneware ceramic travel mug created in New Jersey, USA. 3.5 x 6.25 inches hard plastic lid (BPA free) that has an open and close feature. double wall insulates your beverage--keeping hot liquids hot /cold liquids cold.