Customer Comments

To the most amazing staff ever at Everything Tea . . . Wishing you all the best !!! I miss you all !!! I will never forget the kindness each one of you has shown me. Everything Tea will always be my happy place!

L & M

I had the most wonderful experience here with a kind lady (the owner) that helped me find a tea for a friend that had lost their Grandma . . . She was warm and helpful and overall just super friendly. I look forward to visiting again.


Lovely ladies at Everything Tea! I am so sad that I have not been in as much as I thought I would have. However, I am sure glad that I came in with my mom and that she met you! I'll never forget your amazing shop and, Oh my, your scones!

Tis the seaon to join in all those reindeer games! May the festive season be memorable and the 2015 season even more so. I wish you both only the greatest things!

Lots of love, Rebecca

P.S. Providing the weather and roads aren't too bad I WILL try to drive back to Vegreville and pop in!


My family and I visited your shop on Saturday and were very blessed from the moment we walked through the front door. The greeting was warm and welcoming and the wonderful lady serving us was very kind and friendly. The aromas of all the teas were, let's say, delicious. Thank you for a very pleasant experience!


Dear Everything Tea,

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It causes widespread joint and muscle pain as well as nasty headaches. As with most herbal treatments, many doctors will eschew them for pharmaceutical drugs. However, since it isn’t really good to continue to take Tylenol like candy, I stopped into your shop hoping for a natural remedy. I was given something called the ‘Peace’ blend: a mixture of organic chamomile, lavender, spearmint, and several other herbs. You can tell it’s real, too, since you can see the leaves and flowers instead of crushed up flakes!

Anyway, I tried the tea. And it worked. My aches and pains and headache dulled. And it tasted wonderful, too.

So, everyone should check with their doctor over possible reactions with their own medications, but the Peace blend comes highly recommended from at least one person. And even if it doesn’t work, it tastes lovely.

Signed - JP - A Tea Drinker


I have been to many different tea shops in many different places and yours is the best! This compares to anything London has to offer.

MK, London England


Hi Karen
I just had to show you how great I think your little "tea facts" fillers are going to look! I'm so happy I asked you to do this - I think everyone will enjoy them - I know I will!

RB, The Alberta Country Register


Saw your sign on the highway and we were excited to stop. So glad we did!



Dear Everything Tea;

I absolutely Love the atmosphere of your quaint tea shop; whether I am looking for that special gift or looking for a different tea, or stopping by for a quiet tea & dessert. The name of your store says it very well; “Everything Tea And Gifts”……Treated my grandmother to an afternoon tea & pie; it was beautiful!!! I cannot express how warm & welcoming your business is. Vegreville is truly lucky to have your business.

Thanks - SB – Vegreville


Hello, I am finally catching up here in Ontario after a visit to Alberta! We were travelling through Vegreville on our quest to find a Great Aunt. You were so gracious to call your friend in Ranfurly and she suggested that we talk to the postmaster. M was truly a beautiful soul and very helpful. She seemed to be like an angel as you and your friend in guiding us to Minburn . M had suggested that we speak with S O ( I believe that was the ladies name, just down the street from the post office) she was related to the C's. This very interesting lady invited us into her home and apologized that she could not have tea with us as she was waiting for someone to take her to a doctor's appointment. After reading all the headstones in Ranfurly, with no success we went to Minburn. We finally found a tiny plaque covered in moss. It read SC February 1922 . Mom could not have been happier to have accomplished the task she had set for herself in 1979 to find this Aunt. Our next step is to forward the information to a cousin who lives here in Ontario. I still have to figure out how to get the picture from my phone so I can send that along to her as well. Mom and I would like to thank you again ever so much for your leadership in our journey. We enjoyed our tea while in your lovely shop as well!! Keep up the good work and if you ever find yourself in Stratford Ontario for a visit do give me a call.

Sincerely LF and My Mom BB